Tietoa: Elämäntavat

Lifestyles respectful of the carrying capacity of nature


Almost 70 percent of all greenhouse emissions in Finland are produced by homes, transportation, food production and consuming. With small daily acts we can choose to reduce emissions and to improve our way of life. That is why the Society’s Commitment goal number 7 is “Lifestyles respectful of the carrying capacity of nature”.

In Finland we want to participate to sustainable development and lower our consumption of natural resources to ecologically sustainable level. Society’s Commitment goals are a way to ensure that both citizens and companies have means to reduce their ecological footprint. Choices that help to make living, transportation and food production more sustainable should be as easy as possible and available for everybody despite the socio-economic status and wealth.

The respect for the carrying capacity of nature can bring all sectors of the society closer together. Resource smart and environment friendly economy also produces more possibilities when all parties are committed to common goal.

Society’s Commitment 2050 is made to support Your aims towards a carbon neutral society until the 2045 » 
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