Frequently asked questions


How do I create a username to the site?

When creating a commitment, begin by registering to the sitoumus2050.fi site. You can register from the “register” button at the upper right on the front page. After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email that asks you to change your password. After this, you will be able to log in to the site, finish your profile and create a commitment. In case you already have an username, but you have forgotten the password, see the next question. 


I already have a commitment at the old service. How do I log in to the new service?

In order to log in, you will have to create a new password. Choose “Log in” and ask for a new password by choosing “Forgot your password?”.


How do I find my old commitment?

You will find your old commitments from your profile at the “My commitments” section. You can access your profile by logging in and clicking the profile icon at the upper right of the page.


How can I edit my old commitment?

You can edit your old commitment by choosing it from the “My commitments” section.

Notice, that after a nutrition commitment has been accepted and published, you cannot edit it anymore. In case you have questions about how to edit the nutrition commitment, you can contact arja.lyytikainen@evira.fi.


How does the reporting work?

You can report your commitment’s progress by opening the “My commitments” section and choosing “report”.


Who can make a commitment?

A commitment can be made by anybody interested in promoting sustainable development. A commitment can be made by companies, municipalities, administrative organizations, educational institutions, and local actors. Also individual citizens can make commitments.  


Who can make a Green deal commitment

Green deal commitment is a voluntary agreement between the government and the representatives of the industry. Green deal plastic bag commitment can be done by any actor in the field of commerce. The plastic bag commitment cannot be made by individual citizens. Further information about the Green deal commitment can be found from here.


Who can make a nutrition commitment?

A nutrition commitment can be made by any actor or a stakeholder in the food sector. This means restaurants, food retailers, municipal food services, et cetera. The nutrition commitment cannot be made by an individual citizens. Further information about the nutrition commitment can be found from here.  


In a case of a technical problem, who should I contact?

When encountering a technical problem contact the Commission on Sustainable Development’s general secretariat by email: kestavakehitys@vnk.fi


Where can I find instructions on how to create a commitment?

When creating a commitment, the form will provide you with step by step instructions. Further instructions on how to create a commitment can be found from here. The criterion for a commitment can be found from here. You can also contact the Commission’s general secretariat by email: kestavakehitys@vnk.fi. We are happy to help you out!