Yhteiskuntasitoumuksen tavoitteet

Society's Commitment's objectives 


In the society’s commitment actors from different sectors of the society commit to promote sustainable development in their work with concrete actions. Society’s commitment is guided by eight different goals, which cover the well-being of humans and the environment, health, sustainable economy and sustainable lifestyles. Each Commitment fulfills one or several Agenda 2030 goals simultaneously.


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The objectives of the Society’s Commitment

Decision-making respectful of nature

Ending the impoverishment of biodiversity through judicious decision-making.

Lifestyles respectful of the carrying capacity of nature

Consumption of natural resources at an environmentally sustainable level. More sustainable products and services.

Sustainable employment

High employment rate in all groups of society and a chance for decent work. More green economy.

A participatory society for citizens

All citizens have equal opportunities to influence their lives and common affairs. More transparency in administration.

A carbon-neutral society

Moving towards a carbon-neutral society with energy-efficient, renewable and diverse solutions.

Sustainable society and local communities

Better opportunities to increase well-being in local communities. More forums for interacting with other people.

A resource-wise economy

Finland as a forerunner in corporate social responsibility. Sustainable and competitive solutions nationwide and globally.

Equal prospects for well-being

Good health, education and employment for all members of society.