Green deal commitment


The Green Deal is a voluntary agreement between the state and the business sector. The aim is to promote sustainable development goals. Parties that make an agreement commit to certain shared goals, monitoring these goals and implementing measures for achieving them. The agreement can be used as a steering instrument instead of legislation.


The Ministry of the Environment has concluded the first Green Deal agreement with the Federation of Finnish Commerce (Plastic Carrier Bag Agreement) to implement the EU Directive by a voluntary agreement instead of a legal instrument. 


The agreement is in force until the end of 2025, and the aim is to make sure that Finland reaches the reduction targets for the consumption of plastic carrier bags in the EU Directive on packaging and packaging waste. The aim is that by the end of 2025 no more than 40 bags per person per year are used.


The commitments of trade sector companies will be attached to the Green Deal and Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development, where the public authorities together with other actors make a commitment to promote sustainable development in their activities.


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