Information about the Nutrition commitment

Nutrition commitment


Nutrition commitment is a Finnish operating model, which helps and encourages food business operators and stakeholders to improve the nutritional quality of the Finnish diet and to encourage nutritionally responsible practices. A target-oriented and measurable commitment provides an excellent tool for such bodies as companies and corporations to improve their own nutritional responsibility.


A nutrition commitment can be made in eight different content areas where significant changes should be achieved under the nutrition recommendations. These are all areas where major service design and reformulation work is required to improve the dietary habits of the population. In accordance with the content targets set out in the nutrition recommendations, these are called content commitments. 


Nutrition commitment's vision is that in 2020, everybody in Finland can have a diet that is in accordance with the food based dietary guidelines. By making Nutrition commitments the actors in the food industry help to realize the nutrition recommendations set by the public administration. Nutrition commitments are made through the online service.


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