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Society's Commitment – a strategy and a unique instrument


Together towards a more sustainable future

Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development is a key instrument for implementing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development is a shared long-term vision of the Finland we want to have in the future. The Commitment is founded on a common understanding of the compelling need for change.


Society's Commitment includes mutually agreed-upon objectives and practices that are required to secure a good life now and for the future generations. Society's Commitment is the interpretation of the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development on what sustainable development means. The practical measures will, in turn, define the contents of sustainable development.


Operational commitments are a concrete way to further sustainable development

In order to reach the objectives detailed in Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development, operational commitments will be established with societal operators, such as companies, municipalities, organisations, administration, educational institutions, and local actors. Private individuals can also make operational commitments.

By making operational commitments, the actors commit themselves to doing their part in attaining the set objectives. The operational commitments include concrete measures, changes in operating procedures and innovative trials that promote the shared goals and that can be carried out in 5 to 10 years. Through these concrete commitments, operators can take part in the promotion of all or just some of the shared objectives both in Finland and globally. By making a commitment, the operators participate in the national implementation of the global agenda for sustainable development, Agenda2030.

The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development and its general secretariat are responsible for establishing the commitments. All the commitments are made available to the public in the online service commitment2050.fi.

When making a commitment, the operator sets goals, indicators and a schedule for the commitment. Operational commitments should create something new, be measurable and follow the principles of the sustainable development. The commitment can be attached to one or more of the Society’s Commitment’s eight goals, which include all 17 Sustainable Development Goals

You can also make a Green Deal commitment or a Nutrition commitment. You can read more about the Green Deal here and about the Nutrition commitment here.

The criteria for commitments can be found here.

You can read more about the society’s commitment for sustainable development here.


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The benefits of making an operational commitment 


Making a commitment can bring concrete benefits for your organization. By setting clear targets and measures for your commitment, it can become an useful tool for developing your business or organization.

Operational commitment was evaluated in a government’s assessment in 2017. The assessment stated that the commitment is a very effective way to promote sustainable development in society.

In a survey made to those who had made an operational commitment

  • 97 % said that the commitment furthers sustainable development in their work
  • 92 % said that the commitment helps to become a forerunner in sustainable development
  • 89 % said that the commitment improved their reputation
  • 77 % felt that the commitment helps in networking
  • 81 % said that the commitment can be used in marketing